Happy Birthday to us!!

birthdayDandelions and Bad Hair Days is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!! We launched the book on World Mental Health Day 2012 and we are proud that we celebrate our birthday on the 10th October to haelp raise awareness of mental health issues around the globe.

Well, perhaps that is a little ambitious – go global? Well why not? There are contributors from Britain, Australia, the US  and people from all over the world have bought it. It is hard to make sure Amazon make it available to everyone (I only have control over the Kindle version and its pricing as Dotterel Press look after the paperback) but it would be marvellous to ensure as many people as possible have a chance to read it and perhaps find one or more of the contributors with whom they can identify and who can offer them hope and inspiration in any struggle they may be having with a mental health issue.

It has often been hard to keep this page fresh and up to date. ALL profits from the sale of the book go to charities SANE and OCD Action (at the moment it is about £2.50 from each paperback and at the reduced rate for our birthday more than a £1 from the £1.53 the Kindle version costs)  so thoise of us helping to promote it have to fit it in with our other work. But we are still committed to it and would love it if you could help us. Click here to buy DANDELIONS AND BAD HAIR DAYS. Not that I am shouting or anything…..




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