Publicity – how best to get a mental health book ‘out there’

People Marching with BullhornsWell, Dandelions and Bad Hair Days is now available in paperback and, at last, on Kindle! At some point, before the first anniversary of publication in October, I am going to tot up sales with the publisher and via Amazon, where I have control over pricing etc for the ebook. I know we have made good profits for SANE and will be able to make a contribution to OCD Action too – most particularly because of the support given by Neil and Lois (who wrote a moving piece for the book about the struggles experienced by their late daughter, Sybil).

Today I posted on my main blog No wriggling out of writing about how I am looking to push sales to the next level, but to be honest I don’t know how. Word of mouth is the best way to increase sales, but marketing the book to what some see as a very specific audience is quite difficult. All profits go to charity, so we aren’t spending any money on marketing etc, it is all undertaken with the good will of supporters and friends. Even the little videos I produce (like the one of the ‘Welcome’ page of this site and on Youtube) are freebies.

Many people would appreciate the value of DABHD if they knew it was there. It has all 5* reviews and has been described as ‘inspirational’ ‘uplifting’ ‘thought-provoking’ ‘a must read’. It has been compared to a support group in a book, as the contributors share their different experiences in interesting and creative ways that people can really identify with. But how to engage with the community that would most like to read it? A dilemma. I have made contact with The Blurt Foundation, who are happy for me to post on their wall, and SANE have it on their website but that isn’t enough to push it up the charts where people really start to take notice.

So any ideas? My friends have been so supportive, as have many of the contributors but I don’t want to strain goodwill. Nor do I want to flood social media and shout so loud that people stop listening at all. But perhaps I am not doing enough…?

If you feel you can help do let me know. The DABHD project, the contributors and charities would all be very grateful 🙂


2 thoughts on “Publicity – how best to get a mental health book ‘out there’

    • Thank you so much Stephen. I really appreciate that. Let me know when the review goes up on your blog. If you are able to review on Amazon too it really helps. Suzie

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