Kindle – ising DABHD – it is almost there!

kindleAt last, and thanks to a very busy Tim at Dotterel Press, DABHD has been formatted for ebook and I can now upload it to Kindle.

As I have done very little to get it ready for publishing, other than fill in all Amazon’s forms, I can’t take much credit for this but it feels a huge deal for me. I am a great admirer of all those who self-publish on Kindle (well those who have something worth publishing anyway, and who make all the proper efforts to edit their work) and this almost feels as if I am doing just that.

I am sure it will be available in other ebook formats too, but in the meantime you can download a Kindle app for your PC, iPad or smart phone so everyone can access it.

As the royalties are so much higher on ebooks I am offering it at a really good price – £2.99 – so we can, hopefully, attract a really wide audience and still raise around £2 a copy for SANE and OCD Action.

I haven’t done enough ‘plugging’ lately, especially as the book has received four 5 star reviews on Amazon. Reviewers used terms such as ‘…the honesty and bravery of the contributors is inspiring and thought-provoking’ and ‘a must-read’ so I do hope we can continue to get the message out there.

Thanks to everyone who has helped get us this far. I don’t know how much money we will eventually raise, but raising awareness was always a key aim of the project and this is the next step….


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