Weeds, seeds and psychotherapy…..

Viv Tuffnell

Viv Tuffnell

Far from being an ‘Uninvited Guest’. writer Viv Tuffnell has been asked to present her piece from Dandelions and Bad Hair Days (which gave the book its title!)  to the South West Spring Conference organised by the Taunton Association for Psychotherapy (TAP). This is a great opportunity to promote the book to almost one hundred therapists, counsellors and representatives from the NHS and a real honour – this is not an audience expecting anything less than excellence.

In a break from tradition, TAP has included short vignettes in the programme for the day, so Viv will be reading DABHD, along with the ‘Uninvited Guest’ , a short story or parable about the relationship between an individual and their mental distress. Other vignettes include one about addiction and depression and another on mental health and motherhood. These are set to ground and enrich the conference with real stories.

The three main speakers have a national profile. Keynote speaker Martin Seager is a clinical psychologist, broadcaster and activist on mental health issues and will talk about the move from a medicalised to a more holistic approach to treatment. Alison Evans covers mindfulness and preventing depression relapse and Dr Christopher Irons looks at ‘Compassion Focused Therapy’ (CFT). It promises to be a challenging and thought-provoking day and DABHD is privileged to be part of it.

So, watch this space for a report. I will be sure to let you know how the day goes and how many we sell – copies will be available on the day alongside Viv Tuffnell’s books Strangers and Pilgrims , Away with the Fairies and Meditating with Aromatics.

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