The poetry in DABHD – baring our souls for SANE

Just before publication, David J Bauman, an American poet that I have got to know via his wonderful poetry blog over at , did me the honour of reading my poem ‘Life Force’ which is included in DABHD.

There are faults with the poem, but not with David’s wonderful reading of it. I have added to it some photos I have taken in the past year in my favourite of all places, the Lake District. They are random but follow the tone of the poem, which was inspired by the emotional pull the Lakes and fells have for me.

There are some great poems in Dandelions and Bad Hair Days. Vivienne Tuffnell, Chris Rugg, Kayla and Mark K explore depression and anxiety with great honesty in their poetry and I was so pleased that allowed me to include it in the book. As I found with Life Force, however hard it is to put a piece of prose ‘out there’, publishing a poem really does feel like revealing your soul and standing naked in front of the audience.


2 thoughts on “The poetry in DABHD – baring our souls for SANE

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