New beginnings – mental health guest posts back on No wriggling out of writing

No wriggling out of writing…..

Whilst I have been working on Dandelions and Bad Hair Days, I haven’t been taking guest posts on my main blog over at No wriggling but having made contact with the wonderful Trish Hurtubise, Founder and Editor of Mental Health Talk I couldn’t resist asking her if she would be good enough to share her experience with readers of my blog. She wrote a moving piece entitled The “Normal versus Me” Conflict which I published on the site yesterday.

It prompted me to think about life before the idea of DABHD took shape this time last year. If it hadn’t been for the great people willing to share their mental health experiences on my blog, the book would not have been possible and the heartening comments in response to it are a validation of the worth of sharing how we feel with others – many of whom still can’t talk about their depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD or other issues. Some readers have expressed their astonishment at how little they knew about a subject that has affected a friend or family member and for  them, and for those who live with and or care for someone with mental illness it has been a real source of support.


Trish Hurtubise started Mental Health Talk  because she wanted to  ‘have the voices on this site heard and advocating for what I believe: we have something of value to offer others from our lived experience with mental health issues‘. She knows that the ‘superheroes that write for her have found something positive in expressing their thoughts on the lives they lead with a mental illness and that those reading the posts find support in reading them.

So the No wriggling mental health guest spot will be open to contributions again. I won’t say ‘monthly’ or place a time restraint upon them – I will just say I am open to offers. I will put some guidelines up on the Mental health page on my blog so if you do feel able to write or are inspired by the contributions to Dandelions than do please get in touch, either via this site, No wriggling or by emailing me at  I have learnt such a lot through this process and would love to continue to offer space to those who are moved to fill it.


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