Spreading the word – finding DABHD on the road…

It is nearly a month since DABHD was launched on the world. Since then, we have sold the first print run, featured on the radio and in the press and the book has found itself at the top of the Lulu.com Biography & Memoir chart and third on their book chart over all categories. Great stuff and I am endlessly grateful to all those who have bought DABHD and helped to promote it.

So far, word of mouth has helped to build sales, along with any promotion I am able to do alongside support from friends and social networks. Now, however, I have had offers that will see Dandelions and Bad Hair Days available to those attending two big conferences.

Firstly, the inspirational Lois Chaber (who wrote for Dandelions) and Neil Macindoe have offered to take copies to the OCD Action Conference in London on the 24th November to sell alongside their own book, The Thing Inside My Head, which is a moving memoir of their daughter Sybil’s struggles with OCD, the treatment she received and the tragedy of her death. Huge thanks to them.

Secondly, I am grateful to Taunton Association for Psychotherapists who have supported DABHD and have offered me the opportunity to sell copies at their conference on the 9th March 2012. The TAP Conference,  which this year has at its theme ‘Dialogues on Depression’, is regularly attended by more than 100 mental health professionals from across the South West so this is a great chance to highlight how supportive the book can be to those who are receiving talking therapies and other treatments from local providers.

Distribution issues seem to be a widespread problem across the publishing industry so whilst we wait for the big players to pick up on DABHD, every possible chance to promote it to a wider audience has to be snapped up. I have had such great comments so far that the temptation to focus on getting some Amazon/Goodreads etc reviews out there creeps up on me every so often and frustration can get the better of me. But essentially, this is all about the book and the stories it tells, not the plaudits. So if anyone else knows of other opportunities to get it ‘on the road’ I would love to hear from you.


One thought on “Spreading the word – finding DABHD on the road…

  1. I shall email you my address so I can get some into local bookshops in Diss and Norwich and N can also have it available via churches etc.
    Bravo with it all.
    When does it appear on Amazon? I am not eligible to review (esp with their new rules) but a few of my friends are and at least one wants to.

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