At 5.99 you can afford two….

Forgive me – but I am having to hone my sales techniques. For someone who, in the past, has felt embarrassed just selling raffle tickets I am having to find ways to conquer my insecurities and fear of rejection and encourage people to buy at least one copy of  Dandelions and Bad Hair Days. Now we know what the cover price will be I am finding it a little easier – at £5.99 I think it is really good value.

I have been thinking in more detail about how I can convince people of the value of the book as something people will really enjoy and find to be useful reading, because although raising funds is important those writing for the book are equally keen to raise awareness. Discussing it with friends, it is clear that it will be valuable for at least two audiences – those using it as a self-help book for themselves or another (I think of it as a support group in a book) and those in the counselling and psychotherapy professions who can see it as a source book. What would they have done to support someone presenting with these issues?

With it also being something people will simply like to buy as a fundraiser, I really don’t have to feel embarrassed when I am promoting it. It is a great little book.

So, £5.99 genuinely is a terrific price to offer such possibilities. Buy two and pass one on to a friend. It is only by reaching out like this that we can really drive the message home. We must untangle lives lived with depression and anxiety.


Dandelions and Bad Hair Days – untangling lives affected by depression and anxiety is published by Dotterel Press and will be available from 10th October 2012, World Mental Health Day

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