Update on DABHD debate: Charity Mind work with The Times on mental health & medication

I have just heard that the charity Mind are working with The Times newspaper on the subject of mental health and medication. As regular visitors to this site will know DABHD posed a similar question in the post DABHD debate – mental health: where do we draw the line? on 10th August, which received some really interesting and detailed comments.

It is clear that this important subject is receiving a lot of coverage at the moment. I think it would be wonderful if Dandelions & Bad Hair Days could be part of the debate, as so many of the contributors had very interesting things to say on the treatment they received and the value, or otherwise, of those treatments in their experience (and it is after all a matter of personal experience in many cases.)

Mind have a 15 minute survey here (it actually took me less than 15 minutes, but there are opportunities to comment so you can take more time if you wish)  and the charity, for whom I have a lot of respect, and The Times would love to hear from you.

The direct link to the online form is http://t.co/ANEzzYnw

When you have completed it I would be really interested to know what you think of the questions…..

3 thoughts on “Update on DABHD debate: Charity Mind work with The Times on mental health & medication

  1. Hi there. Just completed the survey. Some of the question options weren’t really tailored to my particular experience but I did feel able to address this in the last section which allowed for writing about personal experiences of medication. I could have written a book 😉

  2. While the survey is orientated to UK users, I gave it a go anyway. Like Lynne & Suzie I found the questions really unsatisfying with only the text boxes giving any freedom. What was really bad for me was how restrictive it was, now way to really tell of problems getting correct treatment and medications in the past.

    Really hope they can get truly useful information from what’s provided.

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