Quotes to grace the cover of Dandelions & Bad Hair Days…

Mark Rice-Oxley

The DABHD project has had more good news this week. As Dotterel Press prepare the cover art for Dandelions & Bad Hair Days we have quotes from two more high profile advocates of mental health awareness.

I am sure some of the potential readers of DABHD will also have read Underneath the Lemon Tree – A memoir of Depression and Recovery ‘ by Guardian journalist Mark Rice-Oxley. When his book was published in March this year, he wrote a number of articles and took part in many radio interviews describing his breakdown and stressing how he had previously considered himself one of the least likely people to experience mental illness. He kindly gave me an interview for No Wriggling Out of Writing, which appears in full in DABHD. Having seen the manuscript, commenting on the ‘lovely writing’ in it, he gave me this quote which features prominently on the front cover:

“A moving and thought-provoking anthology packed full of honest writing about depression”.

Huge thanks to Mark for taking the time to do this and I heartily recommend Underneath the Lemon Tree. It really resonates with me and does highlight how mental health issues can literally hit anyone, even those who might consider themselves immune.

I also heard from SANE again with regards to a celebrity quote to add even greater weight and credibility to the book. They admitted that it is very hard to get their famous supporters to read everything in time for publication dates so offered a quote from Stephen Fry that relates specifically to the book’s support for SANE:

“SANE and their Black Dog campaign has my fullest possible support. What they are doing is wonderful and important.”

Well, we will just have to get him to read the book later….!


4 thoughts on “Quotes to grace the cover of Dandelions & Bad Hair Days…

  1. Congratulations – excellent news, indeed! As I can imagine that celebrities do get overwhelmed with requests. I had one famous writer saying to me (a few years ago, when I hadn’t written even one word of my novel): ‘Please don’t ask me to take a look at it!’ Thought to myself: that will be a very quick look indeed!

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