#DABHD has a foreword from SANE Chief Exec Marjorie Wallace

Marjorie Wallace CBE. Chief Executive, SANE

There has been some great news for Dandelions and Bad Hair Days this week when we received a fabulous endorsement from SANE in the Foreword written by Chief Executive Marjorie Wallace CBE.

SANE has just a small team to work on requests such as the one I made for DABHD. I was asking a lot and Sara Zmertych, the Communications Officer took the time to read the manuscript I sent through to check it was something the charity would be happy to put their name to. Thankfully she really liked it and then had the task of liaising with the Chief Executive to get the Foreword ready for publication. This week I was able to send it off to Tim at Dotterel Press and we are now in a position to pull the final proofs together.

Obviously, I do not want to give too much away, but I just wanted to share this with you as I am hoping everyone involved can feel really positive about how successful the book can be.

“I urge anyone who wishes to read a self help book with a difference, or who wishes to learn about the human cost of mental illness, to read Dandelions and Bad Hair Days. I challenge them not to be inspired.”

This means a lot and I would like to thank Sara, and everyone at SANE for all the help I have received. I do hope we can make the book a huge success and raise as much money as possible for them and for other mental health charities nominated by contributors.


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